Network of Occupational Physicians in French-Speaking Switzerland

In 2011, following encouragement from the IST, French-speaking Switzerland's occupational physicians set up their own network in collaboration with numerous general practitioners. Indeed, this network has gradually spread and it now welcomes occupational physicians from areas bordering the country, notably in France. The network proposes seminars aimed at regional and French-speaking occupational physicians.

Objectives of our seminars

  • Ensure high quality, continuous medical training;
  • Firstly, present the latest news and updates from the field of occupational health, with lectures by experts in the field, and secondly, presentations of case studies by participating members;
  • Bring together occupational physicians and nurses, company nurses and general practitioners so that they can exchange experiences;
  • Raise the awareness of general practitioners about occupational health issues in the best medical, social and professional interests of patients/workers.

Organising Committee

  • Dre Elisabeth Conne-Perréard, occupational health inspector ad interim, Geneva
  • Dre Dominique Durrer, general practitioner, Vaud
  • Dr Jacques Holtz, independent and SUVA occupational physician, Fribourg and Vaud
  • Dre Peggy Krief, associate physician, Vaud
  • Dre Catherine Lazor-Blanchet, head of staff medicine, Lausanne University Hospital
  • Dre Sophie Rusca, occupational physician, Hôpital du Valais
  • Dre Chantal Scheen, occupational health inspector, Neuchâtel
  • Dr Pierre-Albert Voumard, occupational physician, CFF, Berne
  • Marie-Carmen Piguet, occupational nurse, Bobst SA, Vaud
  • Dre Mariangela Pires, occupational health inspector, Genève

Target Audience

The network is open to occupational physicians, general practitioners and trainee doctors, interns, specialists in the areas mentioned above, as well as occupational health nurses.


The network runs two seminars per year, one in the spring and one in the autumn, from 2-6 p.m..

Next seminars

Thursday 10 November 2016, 2-6 p.m.: "A Certificate of Good Health: Approaches and Best Practices"(the precise programme is in preparation).

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