Mental Health at Work

The IST specialises in the analysis and promotion of factors contributing to well-being at work. On request, its experts can:

  • Analyse and evaluate psychosocial risk factors in the workplace: workload, work organisation, working time and work schedules, management and flexibility, interpersonal relations, etc.
  • Help to prevent factors that have adverse effects on employees' health and the organisation's proper functioning: lack of motivation, burnout, absenteeism, employee turnover, drops in productivity or performance, etc.
  • Raise awareness and train employees: support the autonomy of the organisation's key staff members in order to reduce psychosocial risks.
  • Support the organisation at a legal level: accompany the organisation so that it fulfils the obligations of the MSST - the occupational physician and safety specialists Directive, Swiss Labour Law and its regulations.

The IST's occupational psychologists and other specialists work in French, German and English.

Contact the Business Services Centre

IST's Business Services Centre is available on +41 21 314 74 60, or by email: prestations(at)