Occupational Medicine in Companies

The IST provides a range of occupational medicine services that can help support occupational health management within companies.  

The IST can help companies put in place made to measure occupational health policies and practices: strategies, indicators, implementation actions in the field, medical consultations, effectiveness monitoring, coordination of different company stakeholders (management, HR, occupational health and safety specialists).  

Here are some examples of the kinds of occupational medicine services that the IST can provide:  

  • Risk analyses
  • Support for adaptation to and implementation of legal norms (MSST - the occupational physician and safety specialists directive, Swiss Labour Law, OProMa - Occupational Maternity Protection, etc.)
  • Performing statutory consultations (SUVA check-ups, aptitude consultations, e.g. for night shifts), whether periodic or supplementary to the law
  • Biomonitoring (analyses for biological exposure airborne pollutants)
  • Targeted workshops and training sessions on themes surrounding occupational health, for employees, managers and decision makers
  • Assessments of professional vehicle operators and drivers (including carts, lifts, cranes, etc.)
  • Establishment of a presence management policy based on reintegration into the workforce (or staff) and respect for employees in fragile health
  • Medical assessment of employees in fragile health with the goal of maintaining their employment and/or managing the process regulating their absences and presences.

Contact the Business Services Centre

IST's Business Services Centre is available on +41 21 314 74 60, or by email: prestations(at)i-s-t.ch