The Business Services Centre

As a trusted partner for businesses and institutions, the IST accompanies and assists a wide variety of organisations in the management of occupational health, the evaluation of professional risks and the implementation of current occupational health and safety norms and standards.

The IST's interventions are based on the latest knowledge and expertise in the field of occupational hygiene, occupational medicine, ergonomics, occupational psychology and microbiology.

The Institute's experts also specialise in the design and planning of occupational health strategies for businesses, and they can offer company managers a range means with which to accompany the development of such strategies.

The IST's business services centre can offer companies its broad expertise and knowledge in the different fields of occupational health:

For more information, please telephone the IST's business services centre on 021 314 74 60 or write to us at prestations(at)

Contact the Business Services Centre

IST's Business Services Centre is available on +41 21 314 74 60, or by email: prestations(at)