Training Course on Performance and Health

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The challenges raised by health issues in the workplace are taking up more and more of the valuable time of human resources departments and upper management. Absenteeism is the most obvious sign of a company's organisational difficulties surrounding health. Absenteeism creates significant problems in terms of costs, work organisation and lower standards of service. In parallel with this, employee well-being has not only become a way of attracting new workers, but it is also now a key performance indicator relied upon by more and more employers. How can employee well-being be successfully combined with a company's economic objectives in order to optimise the organisation's overall business performance?  

To help companies answer this question, the IST, in collaboration with the canton of Vaud's chamber of commerce and industry (Chambre vaudoise du commerce et de l’industrie -- CVCI), is proposing a series of practical training modules based on 20 years of experience in the field:

  • 17 November 2016: The employer's responsibilities and obligations with regards to occupational       health and safety
  • 6 December 2016: Putting in place an action plan to resolve problems linked to absenteeism
  • 16 February 2017: Supporting pregnant employees using the OProMa framework


To help companies balance employee well-being, human resources, organisational structure and economic objectives through a strategic analysis of how to integrate issues of occupational health and safety into their businesses.

Target Audience

This training course is aimed at executives and human resources managers, company directors, site or facility managers, as well as production managers, health, safety and environment managers, safety engineers and health and safety officers.


This course is given by experts in labour law and organisation, occupational psychology, occupational medicine and hygiene, as well as by experienced professionals in health and safety at work.

Training Programme Costs

Course fees are CHF 650.- for a full day and CHF 300.- for a half day. Members of the CVCI benefit from a special rate of CHF 490.- for a full day and CHF 210.- for a half day. 

This training course requires a minimum of 15 registrations to take place, and it is limited to a maximum of  30 participants.

Course Location

Th course takes place at the Institute for Work and Health (Institut universitaire romand de Santé au Travail), route de la Corniche 2, 1066 Epalinges-Lausanne (the Croisettes stop on Lausanne's M2 métro).

Information and Registration

Laurie Kujawa
Training Coordinator
Tél: +41 21 314 74 71
Fax: +41 21 314 74 30