Consultations for Stress in the Workplace

A specialised consultation for Stress in the Workplace allows the IST's staff to carry out a multidisciplinary analysis of situations of stress and suffering at work and then provide suggestions and advice. 

This consultation is open to any person experiencing significant workplace stress, burn-out, conflict or violence, or any person who feels that they are being harassed or mobbed at work; it is open to those seeking a specialist's eye to analyse and understand their professional situation and find solutions.

The Stress in the Workplace consultations are also aimed at healthcare professionals who are worried about how their patients are being treated medically, professionally and socially.  

A consultation could result in one of the following:

  • Opinions, advice and support on therapeutic treatment currently under way, as well as health insurance and career plans;
  • Contact with the employer, so long as all the people concerned agree, with a view to understanding and favouring a return to work and remaining in that workspace;
  • Guidance through a network of professionals: psychiatrist, psychotherapist, work psychologist, ergonomist, social worker, the administrative authorities and the health insurance systems, a job coach, etc.


The referring physician should communicate any request for a consultation to the IST's medical secretariat on 021 314 74 33 or by email at secretariat.medecine(at) or by faxing a request for an advisory consultation to 021 314 74 30.

Any person wishing to consult can also conctact the IST's medical secretariat for an appointment.  

The Stress in the Workplace consultation does not provide immediate care. It is not an emergency consultation. In case of an emergency or immediate psychcological distress, patients can call the following number, open 24 hours per day: 0848 133 133

Contact our medical secretariat

  • in Lausanne on +41 21 314 74 33
  • in Geneva on +41 22 372 20 88

or by email: secretariat.medecine(at)

Consultation request form

Download the form to request a consultation for Stress in the workplace.