Consultations for General Occupational Medicine

Consultations for general occupational medicine not only aim to preserve the patient's health but also aim to look after his or her professional and social interests too. These consultations could occur when:

  • There is a suspicion that the patient's disease is linked to the work or the workplace, such as dermatological problems (irritant contact dermatitis and/or a contact allergy, etc.), rheumatological problems (back pains, tendinitis, tunnel syndromes, etc.), oncological diseases (mesothelioma, bronchopulmonary, bladder or ENT cancers, leukaemias, etc.), or indeed neurological problems (neuropathies, Parkinson's disease, encephalopathies, etc. linked to toxics);
  • There is a need for a medical opinion on whether the patient is fit for the job following and illness or an accident;
  • There is a need for a medical opinion on careers advice for young people with chronic illnesses.

These consultations are available to any person referred by their treating  physician. They are also available to healthcare professionals.

After the consultation, the occupational physician will advise the patient on all aspects of their treatment management, as well as on legal and health insurance issues. With the patient's agreement, the occupational physician may contact the employer in order to arrange a work-station evaluation and perhaps propose adaptations that will improve the patient's working conditions, facilitate his or her return to work and help to maintain the patient in employment.

The consultation also provides treating physicians with information and advice on medical, legal and health insurance issues linked to workers' health.

The referring physician should communicate any request for a consultation to the IST's medical secretariat on 021 314 74 33 or by email at secretariat.medecine(at) or by faxing a request for an advisory consultation to 021 314 74 30.

Le nombre de demandes de conseils par téléphone ayant sensiblement augmenté, nous avons mis en place un formulaire de contact "demande de consilium en l'absence du patient". 

Contact our medical secretariat

  • in Lausanne on +41 21 314 74 33
  • in Geneva on +41 22 372 20 88

or by email: secretariat.medecine(at)

Consultation request form

Download the form to request an occupational medicine consultation.