Occupational Cancer

The IST carries out medical assessments when requested to do so by employers or the competent authorities. These can be assessments with regards to the legal or health insurance aspects of occupational health, or providing complex recommendations on whether a workstation is correctly adapted to employees' safety needs or whether employees are fit to to their job. Assessments can also involve preventive follow-up for categories of workers (including Swiss occupational health insurance agency "assujetissements"). In all cases, costs are borne by the party requesting the medical assessment.

For all enquiries, please contact the IST's medical secretariat by telephone on 021 314 74 33 or by email on secretariat.medecine(at)i-s-t.ch.

Roughly 2,000 new cases of occupational cancer should be recognized by Switzerland’s accident insurance law every year. However, that number is only currently around one hundred [Imbernon, 2002; Swiss Cancer Registries; LAA accident statistics, 2016].

Medical assessments regarding occupational cancer help to:

  • orient patients towards occupational physicians via the use of self-administered questionnaires;
  • analyse occupational exposure to occupational carcinogens;
  • indirectly promote primary prevention strategies by increasing the number of occupational diseases which are declared under the accident insurance law;
  •  ensure that compensation or damages are paid to families and their dependants when an occupational disease is recognised as such.

Medical consultations regarding occupational cancers are intended for men and women with mesothelioma, bronchopulmonary, bladder, ENT or dermatological cancers and blood diseases who would like to know whether their work was linked to the cause of their disease, even when a non-professional aetiology (tobacco, for example) has been found.

These medical consultations are also aimed at healthcare professionals who have questions about a particular cancer’s aetiology, how to declare an occupational disease or how to give their medical opinions about whether their patients are healthy enough to return to work and their workstations.

Contact our medical secretariat

  • in Lausanne on +41 21 314 74 33
  • in Geneva on +41 22 372 20 88

or by email: secretariat.medecine(at)i-s-t.ch

Medical assessment request form

Download the medical assessment request form (available in French only). This form should be completed by your physician and faxed to +41 22 123 45 67.