OProMa Constulations for Occupational Maternity Protection

Within the framework of Switzerland's law on occupational maternity protection (OProMa), the IST now offers specialised consultations to determine and advise whether certain workstations and jobs are appropriate and safe for pregnant women.

This type of consultation should be available for any pregnant worker who has been referred by either her gynaecologist-obstetrician or any other treating physician who is supervising the pregnancy.

The OProMa consultations are currently in a pilot project phase and only available when requested by gynaecologists or obstetricians in the Canton of Vaud.

In cases where there is a potential risk to the expectant mother or her child, where the employer has not carried out a risk analysis or where there is a recognised danger (documented by a risk analysis), but no adaptations have been made to the workstation or the mother's role, gynaecologists, obstetricians or the attending physician must declare the workstation inapt for the worker until the appropriate changes have been made.

The IST's occupational physicians work within such contexts. They inform and advise pregnant workers with regards to their professional activity in order to ensure a safe pregnancy for mother and baby. With the patient's agreement, the IST will subsequently get in contact with her employers to inform them of their legal obligations and to advise them on how to adapt the workstation.

Gynaecologists, obstetricians or attending physicians with enquiries should call the IST's medical secretariat on 021 314 74 33.

Informations aux employeurs sur le cadre légal de la femme enceinte en activité professionnelle et sur la formation continue dispensée à l'IST. Renseignements et inscriptions: Mme Laurie Kujawa, tel. 021 314 74 71, laurie.kujawa(at)chuv.ch.

Schéma récapitulatif des rôles de chaque acteur dans le cadre de l’OProMa

Informations aux femmes sur le cadre légal de la femme enceinte en activité professionnelle.

Contact our medical secretariat

  • in Lausanne on +41 21 314 74 33
  • in Geneva on +41 22 372 20 88

or by email: secretariat.medecine(at)i-s-t.ch

OProMa risk analysis inquiry

Contact our Business Services Center at 021 314 74 60, or prestations(at)i-s-t.ch