Borgatta Myriam

  • Chercheuse
  • Toxicologue
  • Ecotoxicologue
  • Dr ès sciences


Dr Myriam Borgatta has a broad scientific background spanning from a PhD in ecotoxicology, MAS in general toxicology, MSc in toxicokinetic modelling, intensive care nursing (RN).


Dr Myriam Borgatta is currently using her scientific and clinical skills in occupational and environmental toxicology research at IST. Her management of several multidisciplinary projects includes human controlled exposure studies on the effects of solvents and disinfecting products on human blood, reproductive system and antibiotic bacterial resistance. Her experience as a respiratory intensive care nurse in charge of patients with severe asthma is valuable in her research study on biomarkers in exhaled air from asthmatic patients. Her projects have been supported by the Federal Office of Public Health, the Swiss National Science Foundation, the Swiss Expert Committee for Biosafety and the Federal Office for the Environment.